Which Camino de Santiago Should I Choose?

How many routes are there in Camino de Santiago? Well, let me tell you, there are almost as many Camino routes as there are flavors of ice cream (and that’s a lot!). Historically, people just walked out of their front door and headed towards Santiago de Compostela. Nowadays, the most popular routes are the ones […]

Where Can I Sleep on the Camino de Santiago?

If you’re planning to walk the Camino de Santiago, you might be wondering where you can catch some Z’s along the way. Fear not, my fellow pilgrim! There are plenty of accommodation options available, ranging from the humble albergues to fancy hotels with fluffy pillows and room service. The most popular choice for budget-conscious pilgrims […]

What is the Best Time to go to the Camino de Santiago?

What is the best time of year to do the Camino de Santiago? You can walk Camino de Santiago all year-round, every month has its charm. However, let’s see every Camino in detail. Camino Francés Best Months: May, June, September, and October The Camino Francés is the most popular Camino de Santiago route that attracts […]

What to pack for Camino de Santiago?

Introduction The Camino de Santiago (Spain) and 88 temples of Shikoku (Japan) are pilgrimages like no other. They are journeys that requires physical and mental preparation. As seasoned pilgrims and avid backpackers, we are here to help you navigate the overwhelming world of gear and gadgets to create the perfect packing list for your adventures. […]