From Dreamers to Storytellers

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From Dreamers to Storytellers

About Us

"In the vast realm of the Camino, two souls, Erica and Ricky, emerged as storytellers, their paths intertwined by fate. Each with their unique backgrounds and motivations, they embarked on a transformative journey, not only on the physical trails but also within themselves. "

✴ Ricky's Journey ✴

Ricky, a seasoned traveler and digital storyteller, confronted life’s hurdles with unwavering determination. A debilitating back injury confined him to bed, igniting an intense yearning for liberation and exploration. As he gradually recovered, Ricky’s longing for something more propelled him towards the transformative path of the Camino de Santiago. Prior to his pilgrimage, he immersed himself in a profound inward journey, spending years studying meditation, delving into Vedic culture, and exploring the depths of Vedanta philosophy in India. Through this introspective exploration, Ricky questioned the essence of existence, seeking profound insights into the nature of self and life’s purpose. The Camino not only rejuvenated his body but also kindled a fervor for digital storytelling.

✴ Erica's Journey ✴

Erica, a former event manager, found herself standing at a pivotal moment in her life. Longing for a deeper sense of purpose and belonging, she embarked on a transformative quest, traversing sacred pilgrimages in search of solace and clarity. Over the course of 12 years of travel and exploration, Erica sought to find a place to call home, only to discover that the true home resided within her. With an innate understanding of the uncharted territories of life, Erica empowers others to embark on their own transformative journeys. Through her mentoring guidance, she helps individuals unravel their dreams, unlock their potential, and turn their visions into tangible reality.

CaminoTellers and Our Mission

Together, Erica and Ricky share their stories and experiences on CaminoTellers, a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing the transformative power of the Camino through their unique perspectives. Their shared journeys of personal growth and resilience have inspired countless pilgrims around the world, serving as a beacon of hope and a reminder of the human spirit’s capacity for growth and transformation.

Having experienced personal growth along the Camino and beyond, Erica and Ricky are devoted to facilitating transformative journeys for others. They aim to guide and inspire fellow pilgrims in their quests of self-discovery. Let their authentic narratives illuminate the Camino’s transformative power, awaken the adventurer within you, and ignite the flame of self-discovery.

More Than a YouTube Channel

Beyond their YouTube channel, they offer a wealth of resources, ensuring that your pilgrimage is not just a physical journey but a deep exploration of the self!

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